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So this is the “Getting to Know You” section of my website. Right off the bat, I need to warn you — today, as I write this, I am feeling rather pensive, so forgive me if this comes off sounding a little heavy or intense, but quite honestly, I don’t really want you to know me at all. I’m okay I guess, but I’m in good with the Creator of the universe, and He’s awesome, and I’d really like to introduce you to Him. May I?

He is the First and the Last. Through Him everything was made that has been made. He is the Breath of Life. He is the Living Water, and the Living Bread — real food. He is everything necessary for life and godliness. He is the the Word of God made flesh. He is the Great Healer and the Great Counselor. He is the Shepherd of our wandering hearts. He is love and grace and mercy. He is the Forgiver of sins, and the Savior of souls. He is the Redeemer of broken lives. He is the Atoning sacrifice for original sin. He is Victor over death, hell, and the grave. He is the one bridge between God and man always interceding for us. He is the triumphant Warrior. He is King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords. He is Jesus Christ the Lord.

And yet, in all of His greatness, He is mindful of me. He thinks about me. He calls me a friend. How can I but love Him back?

So you see, when someone asks me who I am, I can only answer that question in the context of who He is. I am just a soul created for the praise of Christ’s splendor and beauty. You and I were created to worship Him. For me, singing is my primary expression of worship. For you, it may be writing or drawing, humor, study, visiting the sick, or taking care of your babies in your home. I sing because I HAVE to. I literally cannot keep silent about the God who saved my life. The melodies flow from a heart captured by His beauty and grace.

This music, these gifts — none of it is mine. Everything belongs to Him. And so with a heart full of gratitude, I send back these humble song offerings to my great and worthy God — and hopefully en route to Him, they’ll bless you too.



Lorraine Pintus“As a worship leader, you won’t find any better than Charity Helms.  Charity has a gift for leading others to the throne of God because she is a true worshipper herself.  Her strong, rich voice and her exuberant smile are a delight — but it is the countenance of Christ upon her that causes others to bow in worship.  All age groups will discover the joy of worship through Charity’s inspiring leadership.”

Lorraine Pintus
Best-Selling Author of Intimate Issues and many other books, Speaker
Founder of Hearts at Home Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO

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